Pressure-Management System

Expro has launched its new Automatic Back Pressure (ABP) System, which uses field-proven technology and software to manage pressure effectively, allowing more-efficient and faster drilling. Developed to address the needs of the growing performance-drilling market, it can also be applied in flowback and cleanup, well-testing, and production operations. ABP is a pressure-set-point system that allows the operator to set the backpressure accurately to maintain a constant wellbore pressure. With easy installation on a closed-loop system, the ABP accurately manages pressure at the surface and makes the drilling process safer and more efficient. The system controls eliminate the cyclic pressure on the wellbore, making drilling operations more efficient and allowing for faster connection times. Using the system, pressure is maintained directly and the data are logged simultaneously, allowing operators to be alerted if there are any issues. As a result, drilling operations are safer, more reliable, and more continuous.

The ABP system from Expro can be used for a variety of applications.