Drill-Bit Cutting System

Tercel Oilfield Products released its MicroCORE Cutting System, its newest polycrystalline-diamond-compact (PDC)-drill-bit product. The MicroCORE Cutting System is a drill-bit design that redistributes high energy consumption from the center of the drill bit to the more-efficient areas of the cutting structure and was developed in collaboration with international oil and gas company Total. Replacing the inefficient compression-failure mechanism in the center of a traditional cutting structure, the MicroCORE system delivers more energy to the cutters, higher rates of penetration (ROPs), and better-quality wellbores. An extensive global field-test campaign has shown the MicroCORE cutting system consistently setting new benchmarks in ROP and distance drilled in countries across the globe. The MicroCORE cutting system has delivered 778 ft/hr in south Texas, and drilling 103 ft/hr for 98 hours and more than 10,159 ft in a single run in Wyoming, as well as returning the bit in consistently better dull condition than traditional PDC-drill-bit cutting structures.