Casing-Annulus Packer

TAM International introduced its 22-in. casing-annulus packer, LongCAP. The new LongCAP follows TAM’s recent design and qualification of a 22-in. port collar. Together, the LongCAP and port collar offer operators improved cement integrity to meet higher well-safety standards. TAM designed the 22-in. system for an international operator’s offshore project as a fit-for-purpose solution. LongCAP uses high-strength stainless-steel slats to reinforce the full length of the inflatable element from 3 to 10 ft. The 22-in. LongCAP is International Organization for Standardization 14310 V6 qualified. The rigorous testing program involved multiple cycles of differential-pressure reversals from above and below the LongCAP packer set inside a 33-in. test fixture. The LongCAP element met or exceeded all test requirements.

TAM International’s LongCAP casing-annulus packer.