Drilling-Platform Light-Emitting-Diode System

Eaton introduced its Pauluhn DLL Series linear light-emitting-diode (LED) system that combines reliability, flexibility, and energy efficiency for land-based and offshore drilling platforms. The new fixture features a rugged and durable design and flexible mounting options for high-vibration, high-impact, and hosedown conditions found in drilling environments. The Pauluhn DLL linear LED, with a system efficiency of up to 130 lm/W, is specifically designed to replace fluorescent T12, T8, and T5HO lighting in land-based drilling and on offshore rigs. The fixture can also be retro­fitted easily into the mounts of existing Pauluhn DuraPro and MagnaPro fixtures, as well as Rig-A-Lite or Snelson fluorescent fixtures. The Pauluhn DLL linear LED fixture features a low-profile design under 3 in., a copper-free aluminum housing with epoxy-powder coating, and a polycarbonate or glass lens. The fixture will perform reliably in ambient operating temperatures of –40°C to +65°C. The DLL LED is also able to withstand 2,000 psi of hose pressure and high-vibration applications. The fixture comes with seven mounting options: ceiling, swivel, wall, flush, pole, back, and pendant. For added safety, the fixture is available with an optional emergency-battery 90-minute back-up and surge protection up to 10 kV.

The Pauluhn DLL Series linear LED is designed for durability and effectiveness in a wide range of ambient operating temperatures.