Progressing-Cavity Pumps

Moyno’s high-performance 2000 Series pumps offer a combination of low maintenance, minimal downtime, and long service life. Their proprietary 2000 Series gear-type universal-joint design minimizes wear and accommodates both radial and thrust loads with ease. This allows the pumps to handle abrasive materials with more than 80% solids, while still maintaining a steady and consistent flow. The 2000 Series also offers performance capabilities to 4,500 gal/min, with pressure to 1,500 psi. Both cast-iron and stainless-steel models are available, with a choice of materials and coatings for rotors and stators to suit individual applications. The 2000 Series pumps also have a low-running-speed capability that extends both the maintenance intervals and the overall working life. This pays particular dividends for abrasive-pumped-media applications. The pumps will transfer mud at volumes up to 1,000 gal/min, handling pressures of 200 psi. Other pumps in the Moyno range offer proven solutions for many other oil and gas applications, such as multi­phase-fluid transfer, lease ­automatic custody transfer, crude-oil transfer, and produced-water-handling duties.