Unconventional-Well Rejuvenation System

Baker Hughes introduced its NextWave production-rejuvenation solution, which helps operators boost production, improve sustainable cash flow, and increase booked reserves in existing unconventional wells. When unconventional wells are not performing to expectations, operators often try to meet production targets by continuing to produce at low rates, drilling more wells, or refracturing the existing wells. Operators need a more-economic and -consistent method of improving recovery. The NextWave solution is based on a four-step stage-gate process that comprises ­candidate-well screening and selection, well diagnostics, program design, and wellsite execution. First, the Baker Hughes team analyzes field production data, well histories, and decline curves, and ranks wells according to rejuvenation risks and economic potential. Second, the team performs comprehensive well diagnostics, including review of original completions and stimulation design, assessment of the wellbore’s structural condition and mechanical integrity, and evaluation of reservoir quality and producing intervals. The third step is designing the appropriate rejuvenation program, which can include wellbore cleanout, installation of artificial lift, and recompletion or stimulation through a targeted refracturing program. During the fourth step, the Baker Hughes team designs a detailed operational plan, manages the wellsite activities, and monitors the treatment and collects data on its effectiveness.