Differential-Pressure Transmitter

The SOR Controls Group 815DT, a loop-powered, microprocessor-based differential-pressure transmitter, offers a configurable single-pole, single-throw, normally open, solid-state relay. The configurable solid-state relay provides a discrete output signal that can be used for signaling, control, and emergency-shutdown functions. The 815DT includes powerful communications capabilities with HART7 communication protocol and Modbus remote-terminal-unit serial communications protocol. The 815DT is compact, lightweight, rugged, and explosion-proof-rated and thus is suitable for hazardous locations and hostile environments. With the 815DT, operators can improve asset management and increase process uptime because of its low cost. Ranges available include the following: 0–138 in. H2O, 0–415 in. H2O, 0–50 psid, 0–100 psid, 0–300 psid, and 0–500 psid. All products in the 800 series are configured, built, calibrated, and tested per customer specifications.

SOR Controls Group 815DT differential-pressure transmitter.