Water-Asset-Intelligence Technology

Digital H2O released Water Asset Intelligence, its oilfield-water-market intelligence platform. Water Asset Intelligence represents a robust oilfield-water-management platform to provide oil and gas operators complete visibility into the water marketplace and to help them mine water data through cloud computing and data-analysis tools. Oil and gas operators and service companies are participating in the beta stage, including the most active driller in the Permian basin. The database supporting the platform includes more than 55 million observations relating to water production, water consumption, water sources, and water-disposal assets. Digital H2O is also applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to accurately forecast produced water, water demand for well completions, and use of disposal-well assets. The company is currently building additional functionality that provides operators better visibility into the fully burdened lifecycle costs for water. The breadth of the Digital H2O data set, combined with the robust machine-learning platform, yields better decisions, thus helping operators achieve significant cost savings and make more-environmentally-sustainable water-management decisions.