Automated Digital Rheometer

The RheoVADR Variable Automated Digital Rheometer from Fann is a direct-reading instrument for evaluating the rheological properties of fluids, both Newtonian and non-Newtonian. The features of the RheoVADR Rheometer include its digital display, preprogrammed American Petroleum Institute (API) tests, data-recording feature, and speed range—12 preset and variable speeds from 0.01 to 999 rev/min. This design includes a rotor sleeve, torsion spring, and a stainless-steel sample cup for testing according to API practices, and its push-button design allows easy operation. Organic light-emitting-diode displays allow easier reading in low light. Its data-recording features observe trends and analyze, share, print, or download data. It includes a USB port for connecting flash drives to save data directly and a serial connector for connecting to a computer and instantaneous control software. A resistance temperature detector for 0.5°F accuracy and repeatability is included. This instrument is also fitted for a universal power supply. The RheoVADR rheometer is suitable for field or laboratory use. A case is available for transporting the instrument.

Fann’s RheoVADR rheometer.