Drilling-Operations Tool

The new Weatherford UniSlips tool is a rotary-mounted, multifunctional slip used for casing, tubing, and drillpipe operations. While conventional handling tools require frequent slip changes for each size of tubular that is run, the Uni­Slips tool incorporates a proprietary dual-wedge slip design that can handle any tubular within its size range and avoids the need to change slips. The universal gripping feature can save hours of valuable rig time when making up bottomhole assemblies or running tapered strings. The UniSlips tool incorporates a power-down feature that counteracts up to 80,000 lbf‑ft of torque, which eliminates the need for manual backup tongs and reduces the hazards associated with casing- and tubing-running operations. For production, completion, and workover risers, the UniSlips tool includes two opposing slots for safe handling of control lines or umbilicals, and a 19-in. slip opening to accommodate large-outside-diameter string components. The tool can carry loads up to 500 short tons (453.6 metric tons) and fits into 37½‑in. rotary tables. Larger rotary tables require an adapter.

Weatherford’s UniSlips drilling-operations tool features a dual-wedge slip design.