Sealing Gasket

Plasti-Bond introduced its patented V-Seal gasket, with a special interlocking V-groove. V-Seal is the most effective way of preventing corrosion damage by sealing Form 8 conduit bodies coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Available on Plasti-Bond Form 8 fittings, V-Seal’s interlocking seal provides effective protection over the traditional flat gasket-sealed designs. The unique V-shape that runs along the sealing edge interlocks with the body to create a seal that locks out corrosive elements and provides more protection than the flat-surfaced seals of standard fittings. In addition, Plasti-Bond ships these V-Sealed Form 8 fittings with stainless-steel cover screws with ­plastic-encapsulated heads for maximum corrosion protection. These specialized fittings and screws keep entire conduit systems from being vulnerable to corrosive elements that enter through joints and openings. The V-Seal is available in numerous configurations and has a 40-mm gray PVC exterior coating as well as a 2-mm urethane interior coating. It is available in 12 trade sizes from ½ to 6 in. All conduit openings feature sealing sleeves. Electrical continuity of the conduit system is maintained across assembled joints.

The V-Seal gasket from Plasti-Bond.