Compliance-Requirement-Management Software

Designed and developed to eliminate wide-ranging compliance-management failures, ACS Engineering’s Matrics regulatory-management system offers ease of learning, reduced workload, simplified user training, and streamlined production efforts. The software uses a simple system of implementation and maintenance and addresses key site-specific requirements such as air, water, waste, and safety (including ongoing system maintenance) for a fixed monthly fee with no added charges. Additionally, besides covering all typical scheduled tasks, Matrics’ electronic functionality includes unscheduled tasks that have caused violations when not physically checked. Submittal requirements accompany each specific task enumerated by the software, eliminating guesswork about processes. Converting requirements into easily monitored action items can be performed easily by individually marking Task or Checklist in the Matrics system. The software keeps all requirements current, tracking changes daily and auto-updating new requirements, including new wording, task revisions, and current frequency. The scope of these updates includes not only permits, plans, manuals, and contracts, but any items sometimes overlooked manually.