Spill-Containment System

As regulations for spill management grow increasingly stringent, oil and gas operators require new technologies that will reduce contamination risks, improve on-site safety, and minimize overall project costs. Newpark Mats and Integrated Services (NMIS) introduced the DURA-BASE DEFENDER linerless spill-containment system. The new system provides drilling and completion crews with a faster and more efficient way of achieving total site containment of spills, adhering to environmental requirements while reducing overall costs of operation. The DEFENDER system incorporates NMIS DURA-BASE mats into a fully integrated structure for total site containment. As an all-in-one solution, DEFENDER protects the environment while eliminating the operator costs associated with transport, repair, and disposal of liners. The system features NMIS’s DX4 sealing technology, a key component designed to keep spills in check, limiting them to the surface of mats for fast and easy cleanup. The DEFENDER system’s enhanced cellar-protection system, coupled with DX4 sealing technology, reinforces the critical cellar region with a third layer of security. The proprietary cellar-protection system is custom-fitted for any cellar, on any site. The fully integrated wall berms and drive-over berms improve work site safety by easing access to the work platform, and minimize the environmental impact to surrounding areas with additional splash protection.

Newpark’s DURA-BASE DEFENDER linerless spill-containment system.