Flush-Joint Elevator

The Weatherford flush-joint elevator (FJE) uses four slips—two hydraulically actuated slips and two passive slips—to clamp onto joints as they come into the vee-door. As each joint arrives at the vee-door, rig personnel lift and secure the elevator around the joint by triggering the actuated slips. The elevator then lifts the joint to the derrick by topdrive, where it is made up to the string. Once the joint is threaded securely, the slips are deactivated and the elevator can be opened easily to release the joint and move on to the next section. Although this tool is similar in use to a single-joint elevator, the FJE has additional capabilities. It enables operators to run flush joints without threading lift nubbins in and out. The FJE also can be used on strings with a mixture of standard and flush joints, which helps operators avoid switching between two elevators when running in and out. By eliminating the need for lift nubbins, the FJE enables rig personnel to make up and run flush joints as if they were standard-drillpipe joints.