Magnetic-Drive Regenerative Blowers

The Rotron MD101 from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions is a magnetic-drive regenerative blower specifically designed to boost natural gas pressure for a range of manufacturing operations.Available for industrial use, chemical processing, and environmental use, each blower employes regenerative air technology for ensuring proper air pressues and vacuums for the boost function. They are hermetically sealed using a magnetically couple design that eliminates leaks. 

The blowers are made with rugged cast aluminim housings, impellers, and covers. They can achieve maxium airflows of 29 scf/m and operate on 115 volts of alternate current. Options include standard pipe fittings and slip on or face flanges. Blower accessories include flow meters ranging from 6 to 850 scf/m, relief values, inlet and inline filters, moisture separators, and pressure and vacuum gauges. 


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