Laser Radar Sensor

The new Fanbeam laser radar sensor from Renishaw’s Spatial Measurement division provides repetitive, high-accuracy dynamic positioning to offshore support vessels and other marine structures. This system adds greater performance and stability through new control software that increases reliability of its single-target tracking capability, and allows multiple operator stations for situations where control needs to be transferred between bridge personnel. The new software’s advanced target tracking and modeling prevent spurious targets from causing a drive-off, while the intelligent clutter-rejection capability provides clearer signals for a better understanding of the operational environment. A training package with a fully featured, realistic simulator is also included. The Fanbeam system, built for harsh environments, uses position data to automatically hold vessels on station and is typically the primary position reference during critical short-range operations, such as cargo-container lifts from platform-supply vessels. The system provides collision avoidance, gangway monitoring, and docking assistance on vessels operating in crew supply, anchor-handling-tug supply, construction support, dive support, dredging, and rock-dumping capacities. Other applications include seismic-source positioning for geophysical-exploration vessels and positioning of mine-detection equipment.

The Fanbeam laser radar sensor from Renishaw.