Regenerative Blower

AMETEK Precision Motion Control’s ROTRON Chem-Tough regenerative (side-channel) blowers are ideally suited for applications that require the safe handling of corrosive or potentially explosive gases such as methane gas extraction and flaring. Chem-Tough technology takes advantage of low-friction polymers and dry lubricants as well as anodized and hard-coat plating that become an integral part of the blower’s molecular structure. Chem-Tough blowers benefit from compact, rugged construction designed for reliable service at point-of-operation. They use stainless-steel motor shafts and hardware throughout, along with nickel-plated components. The blowers employ regenerative air technology to develop proper air pressures and vacuums without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger multistage or positive-displacement blowers and compressors. An extensive product range allows users to achieve ideal flows, pressures, and vacuums as required. ROTRON blowers are ideal for a wide range of oil-rig, oilfield, environmental-remediation, and chemical-processing applications. Along with methane extraction and flaring, applications include landfill-gas recovery, chemical-tank agitation, waste-water treatment, and aquaculture oxidation.

AMETEK’s ROTRON Chem-Tough regenerative blowers.