Hydraulic-Fracturing System

The ability to use multiple fuel types, including field gas, offers the potential for fracturing-cost-reduction. Evolution Well Services’ hydraulic-fracturing system uses 100% electrically powered process equipment. The electric power is generated by burning natural gas through a customized-for-purpose turbine system. For primary equipment, the system uses a blender with ambidextrous suction/discharge capability with rate capacity of up to 240 bpm. The chemical additive system features low- and high-rate pumps and flow­meters. The fracturing pumps are mounted with dual pumps on each trailer. The data van is designed for safety, control, and comfort, using real-time data-acquisition software. Remote-control cameras monitor equipment and allow the removal of all personnel from high-pressure areas and exposure to chemical hazards and silica dust.

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An Evolution Well Services hydraulic-fracturing facility, featuring electrically powered equipment.