Pressure-Reducing System

Tech-Flo’s Surface Jet is a Venturi-based pressure-reducing system. This system operates by channeling a high-­pressure source (high-pressure wells, high-­pressure gas from a process system, or a high­pressure water or oil line) through the surface jet to create a pressure drop, allowing a lower-pressure system to enter the ­higher-pressure system (Fig. 5). Typical applications include reducing line-­operating pressure, reducing vessel pressure, high-pressure well boosting of low-pressure wells, and artificial-lift support. The system functions by using the Venturi effect, a special case of Bernoulli’s principle stating that as fluid flows through a pipe with a constriction in it (nozzle), the fluid must speed up in the restriction, reducing its pressure and producing a vacuum through the Bernoulli effect. This vacuum is what allows a low-pressure system to enter a higher-pressure system.

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Schematic of Tech-Flo’s Surface Jet pressure-reducing system.