Gas-Detection System

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced the Gas Watch EX standalone gas-detection system. The Gas Watch EX system liberates formation gases trapped in the returning drilling fluid, identifies gases that can be a danger to drilling personnel, and delivers gas-analysis capabilities. Patented technology and proprietary filters enable the system’s dual infrared (IR) sensors to read only formation gases, which eliminates false readings caused by mud additives. This allows the system to distinguish light from heavy gas to be used in gas ratios that aid in hydrocarbon characterization. The Gas Watch EX system also eliminates false high gas readings typically found in IR total gas systems. The system can include a hydrogen sulfide sensor for added safety. Maintenance on the Gas Watch EX system is minimal compared with most gas-detection systems. Flexible mounting options enable use in various applications. The Gas Watch EX system can be used as the primary or backup gas-detection system, serving as an analytical tool and a safety system. The system offers additional value to the operator by allowing delay of the onset of mud-logging services or replacement of those services with remote logging services.

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NOV’s Gas Watch EX gas-detection system.