Drilling-Data-Conversion Service

Baker Hughes introduced the WellLink Performance service, designed to help operators reduce invisible lost time (ILT) by transforming the complex data buried within legacy applications, drilling-reporting systems, and data streams into real-time information that is instantly accessible and actionable. With this information, operators can improve drilling economics by quickly identifying, investigating, and mitigating common performance issues associated with drilling processes, such as connection procedures, circulating times, and tripping speed—inefficiencies that can account for as much as 30% of normal uptime activities. Delivered as a software-as-a-service model, the WellLink Performance service enables drilling teams to identify these inefficiencies immediately by analyzing historical and real-time wellsite data and comparing those data with planned, benchmark, and offset data. The teams also can seamlessly identify and investigate ILT root causes to a degree much more granular than is possible with common manual methods by reviewing charts that compare depth vs. days drilled and activity-analysis graphs and reports in real time. Key-performance-indicator alarms and dashboards help operators take proactive actions to improve ILT-related issues and monitor these actions in real time for continuous improvement across operations.

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The WellLink Performance drilling-data-conversion service from Baker Hughes.