Water-in-Oil Analyzer

Sure-Cut from M-Flow Technologies is a high-accuracy, nonintrusive water-in-oil analyzer with a unique design and materials approach. By using a short, high-pressure, carbon-reinforced composite section as the piping run for the metering, Sure-Cut is able to deliver high accuracy and long-term repeatability in data provision; low life-cycle costs and virtually zero operator interventions; and harsh-environment service, including heavy oil and sour service, as standard. Use of this composite structure allows two cross-validating, fully digital microwave sensors placed outside the flow path to take the water-cut measurement. Several benefits derive from this approach. First, Sure-Cut improves absolute accuracy by allowing optimal sensing configurations to be created within the pipe wall. Second, maintenance is reduced significantly because there are no intrusive probes or sensitive components in the flow path, avoiding problems associated with scale or solids. Third, because all electronics plug onto the piping spool without encroaching on flow integrity, planned grades or change-outs require no interruption to production. The meter is available from 1 in. up to 4 in. in diameter to operate in the oil-continuous phase and has been extensively tested in flow loops and in the field by several clients since 2014.

For additional information, visit www.m-flow-tech.com.