Corrosion-Monitoring Transmitter

The new Cosasco ER 300 Series Wireless Transmitter allows easy, affordable upgrade of storage-tank-corrosion monitors to fully automated data-collection systems. Corrosion in chemical storage tanks occurs both internally, from corrosive water gathering at the bottom of the tank, and externally, from water seeping under the tank floor. With tank farms located near suburban or environmentally sensitive areas, leakage of a tank’s contents caused by corrosion could have disastrous impact on local ecosystems. To ensure the effectiveness of anticorrosion-treatment systems, storage tanks require both internal and external corrosion monitoring. Older tank farms often have inadequate monitoring systems with no integrated data management, limiting data quality and access. The ER 300 transmitter uses wireless communication to allow integration with existing protocols, with no cabling costs. The transmitter can collect data from multiple monitors across a tank farm to create a comprehensive monitoring system that ensures the integrity of storage tanks. Wireless communication removes the need to visit the site to record data, saving travel time and providing the most up-to-date corrosion data.

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Cosasco’s ER 300 Series Wireless Transmitter allows easy and affordable upgrade of storage-tank-corrosion monitors.