Programmed Variable-Speed Drive

WEG has launched a new range of inverter drives that provide exceptional performance for three-phase induction-motor control. The CFW500 inverter drives (Fig. 3) have power ratings from 0.18 to 22 kW. The drives are based on modular plug-and-play design. The drive includes a built-in programmable-­logic controller—a micro-PLC—that can be programmed according to standard protocol, International Electrotechnical Commission 61131-3. It also comes with preprogrammed macros for a range of applications (e.g., positioning, timer, and acceleration). Users can program the drive by use of the built-in display, or by a computer through a variety of interfaces. The drives can identify up to 64 different plug-in modules for supporting decentralized automation concepts, and they are easy to connect to all the major fieldbus systems. The drive uses expansion plug-in modules, which makes it easy to customize even for bespoke applications. The system provides an indication of up to three simultaneous variables, such as speed and performance statistics of the inverter. The inverter drives can operate in ambient temperatures up to 50°C.

Fig. 3: WEG CFW500 inverter drives