Anticorrosion Tool

Corrosion Inhibitor System’s (CIS) ­Silver Hawg anticorrosion tool alters the ­chemical-reaction equations for scale formation, metal corrosion, and paraffin (wax) deposition. Comprising nine dissimilar metals, the tool, which requires no handling of toxic chemicals or chemical waste, acts as a catalyst enabling a change in the electrostatic potential within the reaction equations. This change in electrostatic potential produces a polarization effect at the electron level. This polarization effect on the molecules in petroleum-fluid solutions prevents scale formation, corrosion of metal, and paraffin wax deposition. For use in the petroleum industry, two patented tools have been developed for fluid treating. To keep subsurface piping clean, the company developed a downhole unit to be installed in the flow string of a wellbore. For all other fluid treating, a surface unit can be used. RTC Technologies is the North American distributor for the Silver Hawg.

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The Silver Hawg anticorrosion tool.