Retrievable Bridge Plug

Peak Well Systems introduced the Simultra Retrievable Bridge Plug, suitable for gas wells and other extremely challenging applications. The new Simultra range incorporates MetaPlex technology, a unique hybrid metal/elastomer seal that delivers both exceptional performance and improved recovery reliability. Without having to rely purely on elastomer elements, Simultra Retrievable Bridge Plugs have the smallest running diameter in their class; offer a larger internal flow path; provide the highest available seal integrity; and retract to smaller than their original diameter, thereby ensuring reliable deployment and recovery. Set and retrieved with Peak’s modular, nonexplosive PowerTool, deployment is possible in vertical and horizontal wells with all conventional conveyance methods, providing operational flexibility and confidence. Peak successfully completed V0 gas tests at 135°C and 7,500 kpsi on its 4½-in. Simultra plug. Further testing in October has now extended that range to 175°C. Simultra Retrievable Bridge Plugs are currently available for industry-standard tubulars in 4½- and 5½-in. casing sizes, with a 7-in. option expected to complete testing in early 2016.

Peak Well Systems’ Simultra Retrievable Bridge Plug.