Versatile Cargo Carrier

Deep Blue Engineering’s Shuttle Sub is a versatile cargo carrier based on the concept of a large remotely operated vehicle (ROV) with payload capacity, deployed from a support vessel at the surface. It can be used to conduct a range of installation, heavy-lift, and deployment operations. Its versatility is a byproduct of its modular payload cartridge system, making it ideal for pipe installation, cable deployment, salvage work, and subsea intervention. Installation functions are conducted by the Shuttle Sub with no requirement for assistance from a smaller work-class ROV. The largest Shuttle Sub will be capable of transporting and laying approximately 100 tons of pipe during each trip from the support vessel. Each pipe is extracted from the hopper by two manipulators, which can be used to position and align the pipe and then insert it and make up a connection. The Shuttle Sub can further create new possibilities for lift-and-deployment techniques that are not available to marine operators because all of these operations are currently achieved by use of lift lines from a vessel at surface. Salvage operations will be made significantly safer, using a fully engineered, controlled, and robust buoyancy system in conjunction with multiple lift lines from the Shuttle Sub to the load.

Deep Blue Engineering’s versatile Shuttle Sub.