Ultrahigh-Temperature Measurement-While-Drilling Service

Schlumberger introduced the TeleScope ICE ultrahigh-temperature measurement-while-drilling service. This new technology enables standard drilling operations in reservoirs with extreme temperatures. The TeleScope ICE system helps customers eliminate runs, drill wells with precision, and mitigate operational risks to make previously undrillable wells a possibility. The TeleScope ICE service transmits survey and formation-evaluation data at high speed, enabling real-time well placement and risk mitigation in harsh drilling conditions. It makes use of integrated ceramic electronics (ICE) and multichip modules that are specifically designed and ruggedized for hostile downhole environments. It is part of a suite of ultrahigh-­temperature technologies that have been field tested in the Gulf of Mexico, Malaysia, and the Gulf of Thailand. In the Gulf of Thailand, PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) was operating in a reservoir with maximum temperature of 204°C (399°F). PTTEP used the TeleScope ICE service to obtain real-time downhole measurements and drilled the well to total depth in one run. The operator also eliminated the need for a bottomhole-assembly trip to protect electronics as well as a gyro run to determine the location of the well, which saved 12 rig hours and decreased operational cost by USD 300,000.

The ultrahigh-temperature-rated electronics in the TeleScope ICE service were fully functional after 2,000 hours of testing at temperatures greater than 200°C.