Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

GE Measurement and Control’s Krautkramer USM Vision+ is an ultrasonic flaw detector that operates in conventional and phased array modes. The unit allows ultrasonic inspectors the capacity to handle applications ranging from weld inspection to corrosion monitoring while retaining control of the inspection process. It can be used for circumferential and longitudinal weld configurations and it is compatible with a wide range of motion encoders. It can be used for parallel scanning, which allows an inspector to scan both sides of a weld with one pass. The phased array transducer elements can be grouped to provide simultaneous backwall monitoring or to allow the inspection of complex components and structures, including billet, forgings, and castings. The unit can also be used for corrosion inspection and composites inspection, and it can be matched with immersion probes to detect flaws, laminations, and inclusions during the immersion testing of larger structures during manufacture. 

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