Electrical-Submersible-Pump System

Baker Hughes introduced the CENtrilift PASS slimline electrical-­submersible-pump (ESP) system, designed to help operators optimize production and reserves recovery while lowering lifting costs in small-diameter wellbores or wells with restricted space owing to casing patches or complex completion designs. The system incorporates an extended-range pump that operates at flow rates from 2,500 to 50 B/D, mitigating the need to change out pumping systems as production rates decline. The pump’s optimized flow path also improves ESP system reliability by preventing solids buildup and abrasive wear in the pump. The system manages gas entrained in the production stream or gas slugs that break out of the reservoir. When the ESP is deployed in a horizontal or deviated orientation, gravity cups shift to block the pump-inlet ports on the high side of the intake where the gas accumulates, preventing the gas from entering the pump and venting it into the annulus. When the ESP is installed in a vertical orientation, the production stream bypasses the gravity cups and mechanical vortex gas-separation technology diverts gas away from the pump and into the annulus. For applications that only require mechanical gas separation, the system includes a vortex gas separator. 

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The FLEXPumpER extended-range pump, part of Baker Hughes’ CENtrilift PASS ESP system.