Stage-Cementing Tool

The Weatherford SwageSet Pack-Off Stage Tool (POST) reduces the risks associated with stage cementing, such as lost circulation and casing-by--casing annular (CCA) gas migration, which are frequently encountered in high--pressure and high-temperature wells. The tool uses a high-temperature-rated, expandable metal and elastomer packer to create an effective, qualified gas-tight barrier between casing strings. This provides zonal isolation and well integrity and enables proper cementing. When expanded, the packer element forms a seal with a near-zero extrusion gap that is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14310 (V0) gas tight and rated up to 350°F. Additionally, the stage-cementing subsection is internally and externally qualified as ISO 14998 (V0) gas tight. The packer element also includes a slip system with hold-down slips that prevent upward movement of the casing after setting, and independent ratchet systems that hold the packer and slips in place. As a result, the risks of packer-element movement inside the casing as well as failure of the casing to support the second-stage cement are reduced. By incorporating V0 gas-tight elements throughout, the tool helps to prevent CCA gas migration, avoid future workovers, and reduce safety and environmental risks.

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Weatherford’s SwageSet Pack-Off Stage Tool.