Multifunctional Proppant

FloPRO from Preferred Sands is a multi-functional proppant developed to enhance proppant transport for slickwater fluids while improving the hydrocarbon mobility into the proppant pack and reducing respiratory crystalline silica during the operations. By adding small volumes of N2 gas to the proppant-laden slurry, the proppant attaches to the gas bubbles, leading to reduction in apparent specific gravity. The tailored coating also reduces water blockage, which leads to an increase in the relative permeability to hydrocarbon. Additionally, FloPRO has proved effective in reducing the generation of respirable airborne particles down to 10 to 30 μg/m3 throughout the proppant lifecycle. It was applied in more than 30 fracturing and refracturing treatments in various North American formations. The wells featured a wide range of operational conditions, including low- and high-rate slickwater treatments for vertical and multistage-fracturing horizontal wells. The proppant resulted in a 25 to 100% increase in estimated ultimate recoveries, and most wells produced with higher oil cuts compared with the offset wells (some wells showed a 255% increase after producing for more than 200 days). In multistage horizontal refracturing operations, -FloPRO has led to efficient re-estimation for the toe stages in wells with lateral lengths up to 10,000 ft.

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Untreated 40/70 sand (left) and 40/70 sand treated with FloPRO proppant (right).