Dissolvable Bridge Plug

Vertechs introduced the WIZARD, its line of fully dissolvable metal bridge plugs. The plugs are fully customizable to suit specific applications. The packing element, slips, and plug body are 100% dissolvable, thereby reducing health, safety, and environmental concerns. Inserts are available for high casing grades. Dissolvable bridge plugs with nondissolvable slips can experience debris blockage of the well and resulting nonproductive time. The antipreset feature effectively mitigates any risk in the plug-running phase. The WIZARD uses layer-molding technology to control rate of dissolving (ROD) and surface hardness. According to the downhole environment (for example, downhole fluid type, salinity, and temperature), a dissolvable metal with a specific ROD can be selected. Successful pressure tests of the plugs have been conducted for 368 minutes at 250°F and 10,000 psi.

For additional information, visit www.vertechs.com.

Vertechs’ fully dissolvable WIZARD bridge plug.