Manufacturing Technology

Peak Well Systems’ IRIS-3D manufacturing technology provides a high-­expansion, mechanical support system that can be applied to a wide range of possible applications. For downhole applications in particular, it can be used to extend the performance of traditional elastomer seals and therefore enables a new suite of wellbore sealing systems. With the addition of IRIS-3D components to Peak’s existing downhole SIM plug system, personnel have been able to extend the performance of the SIM seal from 150°C and 5,000 psi to 200°C and 10,000 psi. IRIS-3D is now focusing on two development paths: the ability of IRIS-3D to develop a new range of high-performance medium-expansion plugs and exploring the role of IRIS-3D in high-expansion seal systems. The latter could potentially deliver an IRIS-3D enabled, high-performance, through-tubing retrievable plug capable of passing through a 4.5-in tubing before expanding over 70% to seal in 7-in. casing. The technology has other potential applications beyond downhole seals and extrusion barriers, including drilling tools, connectors, and surface-­pipeline tools.