Water-Shutoff Chemical

PQ Corporation introduced the EcoDrill S45, an environmentally friendly chemical treatment for water control and profile modification. EcoDrill S45 uses new technology that enhances traditional benefits associated with sodium silicate chemistry. EcoDrill S45 is an alkaline, low-viscosity, aqueous solution consisting of nanosized presilica-sols. The silica species are converted into a highly durable silica gel with the addition of a setting agent. The choice and concentration of setting agent allow for flexible gelation times ranging from seconds to days within the reservoir. These silica species in solution are produced with a lower charge density that allows for more-­controlled gelation times while using significantly less setting agent. Once set, the silica gel shows much greater dimensional stability. EcoDrill S45 can be formulated to suit a wide range of water-control and carbon dioxide problems. It effectively treats near-wellbore challenges such as fractures, or it can be placed deeper in the reservoir to combat high water/oil ratios, fingering, coning, and early breakthrough during waterflooding. Excellent safety and environmental characteristics provide the option for use across freshwater zones. Operational temperatures range from 10 to 250°C.

10% active solution of PQ Corporation’s EcoDrill S45 without setting agent  (left) vs. 10% active solution of EcoDrill S45 with setting agent and set for 4 hours at room temperature (right).