Fiber-Optic Data-Management Service

Combining fiber-optic distributed-temperature-sensing (DTS) data with other surface and downhole information can provide the insight oil and gas operators need to enhance production and make more-informed operational decisions. But current practices to manage this information are complex, costly, and time-consuming, making it difficult to extract the full value of the data. The Baker Hughes AMBIT fiber-optic data-management service helps operators simplify data integration and improve productivity and performance. The secure, cloud-based AMBIT service is designed to reduce the workload and cost of data management compared with traditional services that require costly and complicated systems, programs, and licenses. Deployed through a software-as-a-service model, the AMBIT service enables users to access their data in real time through a web interface, to make more-efficient and -effective operational decisions. The management of large volumes of data is simplified by incorporating production mark-up-language DTS standards, enabling easy integration with applications and devices across multiple vendors. This allows transmission of data in a common format, enabling users to share the data quickly and easily with the capability of tracking metadata and saving multiple versions of processed data without compromising any raw data in the process.