Completions-Evaluation Services

MicroSeismic introduced a series of completions-evaluation services to quantify and predict reservoir drainage and production. These new services advance completions evaluation for unconventional wells beyond the commonly used modeling approach to a new observation-based approach. The newly developed analysis methods use observations taken directly from the reservoir, capturing the effects from hydraulic fracturing, providing more-accurate specific estimates of future incremental production and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). These services help operators develop entire fields better by predicting accurate per-well and per-stage performance just weeks after completion. The first of the services is PIndex, an estimate of the well’s relative productivity. It shows a direct comparison of well productivity and identifies differences between wells, providing immediate feedback to adjust overall completion strategies. The second service, DIndex, quantifies the well’s current and future reservoir drainage ­volume and drainage pattern. The result is a map of future incremental reservoir depletion, showing when drawdown pressures from adjacent wells will interact with each other. Finally, Production Forecast is a service that predicts each well’s future incremental production and EUR after the well is completed. Because the Production Forecast is based on the post-treatment reservoir, it has been far more accurate than other common statistical methods for predicting production.