Microleak-Detection Solution

READ Cased Hole introduced a microleak-detection solution to help maximize operational safety and minimize downtime by delivering fast and reliable answers for well-integrity-management decisions. The diagnostic solution combines GE Oil & Gas’ NTO Acoustic Noise Tool and READ’s Micro-Leak Detection service line. The solution creates a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy, which, when combined with measurements from flowmeters and fast-response temperature sensors, enables precision location of leak sites, identification of active flow pathways, and determination of the sources of flow energy. READ’s specially developed Micro-Leak Detection software segregates the acquired acoustic data according to the frequency of the captured sound energy, enabling spectral analyses of the data and accurate diagnosis of unwanted flow events associated with well-integrity issues. READ’s in-house expert analysts worked extensively on the microleak-detection technology, focusing on data-processing and -visualization software development and investing more than a year into field trials. As a result of the accuracy of the derived information and speed of response provided by the service, operators gain the factual, to-the-minute intelligence they need in order to optimize their remediation strategies.