Damaged-Control-Line Safety-Valve System

The Weatherford damaged-control-line (WDCL) safety-valve system, part of the Renaissance system of safety valves, enables operators to replace damaged control lines and install new surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SSSVs), thereby restoring operation of the well. In the past, the only ways to restore damaged control lines were to use a storm choke or to kill the well and pull tubing, which can significantly damage the formation. The WDCL system offers a safer, more-cost-effective alternative. The system consists of the Ren Gate wellhead-penetration conversion kit, a control-line hanger, a ­control-line stinger, and a wireline-retrievable SSSV. Because the WDCL system is deployed by standard wireline and capillary string units, without the need for any mechanical devices, it results in less downtime compared with tubing workover operations. In an offshore well in Indonesia, the WDCL system successfully replaced a blocked control line and installed a new SSSV, maintaining the original production rate of 2.6 MMscf/D and eliminating the need for a workover. The WDCL system fits into any size safety valve from 2⅞ in. through 7 in. New safety valves are sized to match the production tubing.

The WDCL safety-valve system from Weatherford.