In Memoriam

This section lists with regret SPE members who recently passed away. If you would like to report the passing of a family member who was an SPE member, please write to

Jimmy Lee Broussard, Cypress, Texas, USA
David W. Chenot, Bakersfield, California, USA
I. Ted B. Cranmer, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA
C.E. Daugherty, Pointblank, Texas, USA
Robert L. Gatliff, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
William W. Kelly Jr., Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Robert I. Peters, Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA
Laurence E. Roberts, Dallas, Texas, USA
Frank W. Robl, Fairview, Texas, USA
Steven P. Tischer, Midland, Texas, USA
Jon R. Withrow, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA