Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm-Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder introduced the PULSA­PRO series of hydraulically actuated ­diaphragm-metering pumps. A variety of enhancements extend the metering pump’s pressure and flow ranges, improve accuracy, and simplify the hydraulic-management system, all while reducing the pump’s footprint. The pumps combine the efficiency of a plunger pump with the sturdiness of a diaphragm seal to eliminate leakage. New enhancements to the line of PULSA­PRO 680, 880, and 7120 pumps meet the needs of operators in the downstream oil and gas, chemical-­processing, and water-treatment industries. These enhancements include increased flow rates up to 270 gal/hr, pressure up to 5,100 psi, operational temperatures up to 275°F, and viscosity up to 1,000 cp. Leak-detection capabilities provide pressurized leak detection by monitoring the diaphragm integrity and signaling alarms (or stopping the pump) at the first sign of diaphragm failure. An expanded range of materials, now including higher-grade alloys and multiple diaphragm types, can handle a diverse range of chemical solutions.

The PULSAPRO 7120, one of Pulsafeeder’s line of hydraulically actuated diaphragm-metering pumps.