Thermal Insulation Materials

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has consolidated its range of high-performance thermal insulation materials and will house them under one brand, Vikotherm. The company said all products in the Vikotherm range guarantee maintained flow rates, optimum productivity, reduced costs, and protection against wax and hydrate formations. One of the featured products in this range is R2, a three-layer coating system that protects against corrosion, hydrogen-induced stress cracking, wax and hydrate formation, and mechanical loads. Using a newly designed mobile production unit, the material can be installed on site and can operate in temperatures ranging from -56°F to 311°F and water depths as low as 9,843 ft. Another material, the S1, is based on nonsyntactic silicone technology and is applicable to risers and flowlines, subsea trees, pipeline end manifolds, and pipeline end terminations. Its operating temperatures range from -40°F to 275°F.

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