Enhanced-Measurement System Tool

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) introduced the StreamThru variation of the BlackStream enhanced-measurement-system (EMS) tool. This new technology supports drilling optimization and automation initiatives by adding an additional IntelliServ coil on the tool’s bottom connection. Previous variants of the BlackStream EMS tool had only a single coil embedded within the tool’s box connection, which connected to the string of wired drillpipe to provide high-speed data to surface crews and drilling applications. The StreamThru technology builds on this by adding a second coil in the tool’s pin connection, enabling combined parallel telemetry of both BlackStream and secondary wired drillpipe-enabled tools’ data packets to surface for use by the rig crew or applications. This breakthrough represents a major step forward in allowing not only combinations of multiple BlackStream tools to be run in series along wired drillpipe but also placements of other third-party wired drillpipe tools. Recently, the StreamThru technology enabled a third-party measurement-while-­drilling tool’s data to be streamed to surface by the wired drillpipe network for more than 300 hours on a North Sea project. BlackStream EMS Stream­Thru tools are currently available with an outer diameter of 8¼ in., with a 6¾-in. version in development for release in early 2017.

National Oilwell Varco’s StreamThru variant of the BlackStream EMS tool. A second coil carries high-speed data bilaterally by both BlackStream and other third-party wired drillpipe tools.