Blockage-Remediation System

Paradigm Flow Services introduced Flexi-Coil, a blockage-remediation system that has been developed to tackle challenges to the productivity of an asset throughout its life cycle. Remediation of blockages and restrictions to process flow can be costly. Such issues are particularly acute when systems are unpiggable or deadheaded. By use of ultralightweight and flexible pipe, Flexi-Coil is able to traverse multiple bends within a riser and pipeline system and can be deployed in tight spaces on a floating production, storage, and offloading vessel without the need for excessive engineering. It offers a more cost-effective solution than traditional diving-support-vessel-supported remedial methods. Flexi-Coil provides the ability to solve extreme challenges such as the removal of full or partial flow restrictions (paraffin wax, sand, asphaltene, hydrates, and scale) and the injection of chemical and production-enhancement fluids. It provides back-to-base-metal precleaning for inline-inspection tools, and facilitated artificial-lift operations by gas injection. It can also be used for deoiling, flushing, and line plugging before decommissioning. Flexi-Coil has been developed to tackle these challenges and has already been successfully deployed worldwide, enabling operators to restore or maximize production at reduced cost and downtime.

The Flexi-Coil blockage-remediation system from Paradigm Flow Services.