Packer Penetrator

ITT BIW Connector Systems announced the Tri-Lok Ultra high-performance packer-penetrator solution that helps service companies operating in complex, high-pressure well environments to optimize production, extend operating lifetimes, and minimize overall costs. Tri-Lok Ultra’s design supports faster installation, ease of use, longer operating life, and the ability to withstand repeated decompression cycles. The packer penetrator is specifically de-signed to improve electrical-submersible-pump (ESP) reliability in deep offshore wells and other harsh environments, where enhanced product lifetimes and performance are essential. The penetrator achieves pressure blocking and electrical termination in a single-phase construction. This design enables it to fit into packers as small as 6.5-in. outside diameter. Rated and tested to 6,000 psi and 400°F, it features ceramic pressure blocks, metal-to-metal seals, and pressure-balanced cable termination. It is especially suitable for installations where extremely long life in high-­temperature or high-pressure environments is required, such as offshore in-well ESP systems, seafloor caisson ESP systems, high-­temperature oil wells, and wells with high intervention costs.

ITT BIW Connector Systems’ Tri-Lok Ultra packer penetrator.