Sucker-Rod Coupling

Materion introduced its ToughMet 3 sucker-rod couplings. Materion’s ­patent-pending ToughMet 3 couplings are designed to maximize production output and significantly reduce the costs of artificial-lift operations when used in place of sucker-rod couplings made of conventional materials. ToughMet 3 couplings cut the frequency of sucker-rod-coupling and production-tubing damage, the leading causes of well failure. Made from a unique temper of copper/nickel/tin spinodal alloy engineered by Materion specifically for use in the oil field, ToughMet 3 sucker-rod couplings resist mechanical wear, thread damage, corrosion, and erosion. They are nongalling, to prevent damage to production tubing, and they retain their strength, even at elevated temperatures. This combination of attributes minimizes the frequency of workovers associated with couplings made of other materials. ToughMet 3 sucker-rod couplings are designed to double the interval between users’ well workovers, effectively reducing one of their major operating costs and increasing their earnings by eliminating costly production interruptions.

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Materion’s ToughMet 3 sucker-rod coupling.