Completely Disintegrating Fracturing Plug

Baker Hughes has introduced the ­SPECTRE disintegrating fracturing plug—the first in the industry that disintegrates completely—further advancing the benefits of interventionless technology for the plug-and-perforate market. The SPECTRE disintegrating plug offers the same flexible stage placement as composite plugs, but, unlike other interventionless plugs, the entire plug—including the plug body, anchoring grip, and packing element—fully disintegrates downhole in the presence of wellbore fluids. The new plug eliminates post-fracturing intervention requirements, accelerates completion times, and leaves behind an unobstructed production inner diameter for maximum flow area and easy future access. The SPECTRE plug’s innovative design leverages the high-strength, controlled electrolytic metallic (CEM) nanoconstructed material developed and patented by Baker Hughes. Much of the plug body is formed from the same CEM material used in the company’s IN-Tallic disintegrating fracturing balls. A proprietary packing-element system provides reliable stage isolation, and a specially engineered anchoring system, built from similar disintegrating material, holds the plug firmly in place during fracturing. Complete disintegration ensures an unobstructed flow path and eliminates risks associated with plug debris. It also protects infrastructure from undissolved plug remnants, such as cast-iron slips or ceramic buttons, which can complicate any future interventions and compromise wellbore integrity.

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The SPECTRE disintegrating fracturing plug from Baker Hughes.