Hydraulic Tubing Tong

The Weatherford 7.6-50 hydraulic tubing tong provides torque capability of up to 50,000 lbf-ft (67 791 N•m) for makeup and breakout of 2⅜- to 7⅝-in. tubing. Moreover, the backup tong can grip up to 8⅝-in. tubing. The ergonomic design of the tong enables safe and efficient makeup of premium, high-torque connections on both standard and corrosion-resistant-alloy tubulars. Various features help to ensure proper connection makeup and long-term wellbore integrity. The patented free-floating hydraulic backup virtually eliminates bending and shearing when making up or breaking out connections, the integrated thread compensation system prevents thread damage, and the optional Micro Grip pipe-gripping system minimizes marking on the tubular surface to avoid stress corrosion cracking and sulfide stress cracking. The reduced damage and minimized marking that result from using these features also save on the potential well-workover costs. The tong is fully compatible with multiple tong-positioning systems, and operation can be fully or semimechanized.

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Capable of up to 50,000 lbf-ft (67 791 N•m) of torque, the Weatherford 7.6-50 hydraulic tubing tong can be used to make up and break out premium and standard connections.