Hammerless Connection

Hammer unions often pose serious safety hazards to facilities personnel. R&H Manufacturing’s SaferUnion hammerless connection eliminates these hazards by removing the presence of the hammer, thereby eliminating the risk of fragments being knocked loose, hammers coming into unplanned contact with one another, and the wings/ears being angled in ways that do not allow safe access. Removal of the hammer also reduces the risk of equipment being damaged by overtightening and hammer misuse. This single-person tool connects to the SaferUnion by a pin in each hole, locking into the keyway in the tool. The tool is simply turned 90° and slightly pulled to lock in place; the process is reversed to unlock the tool. The connection is safer to handle during makeup and breakout owing to its balance, weight, and a full 360° handling surface. Standard hammerless unions have three wings, with impact points located every 120°. SaferUnion’s patented pattern increases accessibility, with points located every 45°. The tool fits all sizes, and its length requires personnel to be safely out of the liquid-spray zone.

The SaferUnion hammerless connection from R&H Manufacturing.