Drilling-Fluid Conditioner

ProOne introduced the Diamond Dust two-in-one drilling-fluid conditioner. Dispersed in either water- or oil-based muds, the powder combines an asphalt’s benefits with enhanced lubrication. With benefits for laterals, verticals, and curves, it provides lubricity and increased high-temperature fluid-loss control under extreme pressure while enhancing shale inhibition and stabilization. Additionally, it enables a filter cake that is thin, tough, and slick, as well as decreases mud-pump downtime and extends bit life. The conditioner further extends the attributes of ProOne’s XPL+ drilling-mud additive by improving drill-cuttings cleaning and reducing drillstring corrosion. It is well-suited for seepage and lost-circulation-material control and is environmentally friendly. In combination with XPL+, Diamond Dust allows a variety of enhancements, from 70% friction reduction to improved rate of penetration with potential savings of up to USD 1 million per well.

ProOne’s Diamond Dust drilling-fluid conditioner improves drill-cuttings cleaning and reduces drillstring corrosion.